Bonbon Lambader


The Bonbon Floor Lamp has a brass body and a large module Bonbon

we deliver to Ashburn in 3 to 5 shipping weeks

product details

It is 170 cm long in total and has a luminous power of 960 Lumens. Bonbon Floor Lamp has 3000 K light color and is offered as non-dimmable.  In addition to Samsung or Osram LED chips, Meanwell/Tridonic electronic drivers are used in the floor lamp. In addition to its standard features, the product can be customized so that it can be turned on and off and controlled from mobile devices , if requested. Bonbon Floor Lamp is suitable to work with the electrical connection in the range of 100-240 V and the modules produced as standard are not suitable for dimming. If you want the lamp, which can be produced according to the plugs of different countries, to be produced according to its own country type, it will be sufficient to write it in the order notes.

5 years